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Highbrow, lowbrow, no brow....

I always wondered what signorina was espying whilst crew members seemed pretty unconcerned;  a 19th century watercolour by Italian artist Gabrini purchased by great grandparents which eventually did not like the Lake Erie humidity in my parent's living room.  Is she looking at that overthetop gilt frame?  That was the style then and actually was appraised at more than the painting... such are changing tastes.   Think both are beautiful in their own way -  frame and subject matter marrying very well.  I should've photoshopped a brave brown bag in place of some of the baskets, would have fitted right in.  So in my humble opinion, I like to think the BBB is neither highbrow/lowbrow and hope our customers agree the pricetag and value are in sync.  I remember Gourmet magazine featured the bag as a great new product and wrote saying: : " it appears  to be the result of some very hard work of an essentiallly uncreative mind.  And yet, there is something exquisitely subversive about a $90 shopping bag that neither screams 'Friend of the Planet'  or 'Conspicuous Consumer'."  See the BBB is 'nobrow'!  Nobrow?  Maybe that is a close relative of a 'Nobrainer'.  And those who enjoy carrying our paper usurper can interpret that accordingly.  Make sure you check out our Summer Sale for everyone.  If you can come to our studio next weekend.  Great!   Or you can visit BBB on line for a 20% special on all bags.




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