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Gone fishing.....

Gone fishing for Fall inspiration.  My bait is 2 silver need polishing serving spoons, lemons wizened with age and a bag that I fell for in San Francisco at Monique Arnon Antiques.    Beware, Madame Arnon has an other worldly aesthetic that makes one swoon and open their pocketbook.....  I adore this suede clutch with the little fish , think they are made from French ivory, an early plastic made to look like ivory, or maybe it's bakelite.    I had a fishing experience last weekend.  I took a short dip from my breakwater on Lake Erie after a big storm.  The waves had subsided by the afternoon.  Still a lot of debris, but off I swam, tickled by the various flotsam and twigs, emerging at my parent's breakwater where I joined some family friends.  My bathing suit began to twitch.  I tried to be discreet but looking down one's  suit pulled wide open is not quite so.  And then when I saw this silver thing about the size of that lemon above, boy did i jump!  I had caught a fish! Well a shiner my Dad called it, also known as a big minnow.    Sometimes one does not need a whole lot of fishing gear to make a catch.  Have a great 4th of July.

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