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A day at the BBB Spa...

No photoshop here.... just some much needed TLC for this old chestnut Midi belonging to a customer of ours.  The BBB spa package:  first handles are spiffed up, bag is laundered, a baselift on the inside, a super wax and press treatment on the outside and voila this 14 year old BBB looks svelte again!  Our customer was almost about to permanently retire her treasured tote and sometimes this is a good idea.  We do our best to restore and  we are even surprised how indefatigable they are.   Check out our Care page for details.  Remember, with purchase of a new bag, restoration is complimentary... so here's to before/after and onwards!  

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I was delighted to see Brave Brown Bag restored to a newer condition. I carried lunch in that bag for eighteen years, walking to work through the best and worst weather. Frayed handles, food stains, faded and worn, I hated to retire it. BBB spa gave an excellent result. So good in fact, I ordered another! Thanks again.

Susan Nurse

susan nurse

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