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Aero Studios: beauty of the practical and useful

A friend was so delighted to see our BBB amidst all the beautiful objets, be they rare, practical and/or useful at Thomas Obrien's shop Aero Studio. in nyc.  There is an inherent beauty in utiltiy, in something that does what it is supposed to do; i.e, a hammer.  I remember my design teacher, Thom Klenck at NSCAD expounding on the structure, function and behaviour of a hammer .  And how perfectly balanced because it uses all 3 axis -  L/W/D. Take another look when you go to swing one. It is quite true.  However, my downfall or epitaph, may well be, when in doubt reach for the hammer.  This past winter when my Volvo would not start,  the mechanic's suggested cure was to give the battery a gentle whack with, you guessed, a hammer.  We are indeed proud to be amongst  Aero Studio selection of the practical and useful.

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