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Cocooning with Dad

 It always intrigues me how our customers use their BBB's.  Trevor Kensey the author and photographer behind the award-winning  Sis Boom Blog  says this is a pretty accurate usage situation for his.  " I'm keeping all my 'cookbooks in play' in the large one and my "to read" food magazine's in the other. This way they can follow me easily to the bedroom or living room when I am lucky enough to have an hour or two to read them.  Then they pile back in.".  Another indoor use is as storage in an office setting.  We were delighted a while ago when Herman Miller ordered them for their corporate showroom space in nyc.  An elegant and very democratic solution for personal etcetera's  in an office setting.  Well summer is finally here... so BBB's should be migrating to the garden soon.  Also, highly recommend  Trevor's  latest musings.  Have you ever seen a deviled-beet-pickled-egg? Wow!

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Brave a trip to U of Buffalo Anderson Gallery

Mission partly accomplished:  a visit to U of Buffalo Anderson Gallery to see Candi Girling's Slice of Green sculpture.  Not enough time to go to Albright-Knox to see Anselm Keifer show.  Another...

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Aero Studios: beauty of the practical and useful

A friend was so delighted to see our BBB amidst all the beautiful objets, be they rare, practical and/or useful at Thomas Obrien's shop Aero Studio. in nyc.  There is an inherent beauty in utilti...

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