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It was such an honour to receive this email with photo and BBB geneaology, if you will.  Say no more.  Here's Georgia!

Customer Campbell writes:  " I am sending you a picture of my grandaughter, Georgia, with her Brave Brown Bag.  Actually, it is her Mother's bag.  When her Mom, Ali and twin sister Dani turned fifteen I bought them each a bag.  The bags are in mint condition and the the girls just turned forty.  A real tribute to your company in the disposable society of ours." 

So when in doubt, don't throw this one out.   When it does come time to retire your BBB,  consider sending your favourite old tote to the bag spa or relegate it to for apple picking only. I remember a customer recounting how they had just returned from a Butterfield & Robinson bike/walking tour.  Every B&R traveller received our Maxi size tote that year.  Upon return, she recounted how she needed a new one as her husband thought it was paper and threw it out in the newspaper recycling bin!!!  Call that unplanned obsolescence. 

Thank you to the Campbell family for sending us this lovely storey.








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