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BBB ancilla to ART

Okay, what's with the fancy word ancilla?   It's from my Latin days and means handmaiden/helper/ backroom assistant.  Ancillary is more common.  Love the sound of it and even better,  I and  BBB materials got to do just that and help in some artmaking.  Candida Helen Newmark Girling is a CDN/Buffalo based artist who has just completed her MFA thesis at the University of Buffalo. Candi is married to pianist, Aaron Davis.  Both are live wire acts of artistic imagination, friends and fans of the BBB.  Candi's sculpture for her thesis show called A Slice of Green, described as a green wall intervention, required circular plant pockets from waterproof material.  Aaron suggested why don't we call Charlotte.  The  Brave Brown Bag waxed cotton and waterproofing process and other goop helped create the pockets shown above without any noticeable drainage problems!     Whew!
I was not able to attend the opening but it is up until May 25/14 at the UB Anderson gallery and I plan to go.

Also there is a show at the Albright Knox Gallery  which is just around the corner by  German painter/sculptor Anselm Kiefer more on this in next blog.

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