Donald Sutherland shows off his BBB to Peter Gzwoski.

Archival footage from Gzwoski in Conversation in April 1999 shows Mr. Gzwoski inspecting Mr. Sutherland's Brave Brown Bag in the Maxi size in Tabac colour.

Yes, actor Donald Sutherland came on set toting his full of books  .... no ipads yet. And Mr. Gzwoski was intrigued as to why his guest would be carrying a paperbag, naturally.   Bag may be in need of a  day at the BBB spa by now  .... yes, they really do last that long.  And restoratation is Free with purchase of new one.   So Papa may want a  brand new brave brown bag  for Fathers Day.  So our Maxi sale is perfectly  timed for HIM.



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