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Clown Story 3 - the Conklin family

Now those are the best grins, ever! I think maybe there should be a Conko tote photo contest after our fund raising event is over.  And such a fun way for the BBB to celebrate its 20th anniversary by collaborating with a clown with a good cause:  the Patty Conklin Foundation.  And such good fortune (fortes fortuna juvat) that Trisha Conklin and her Mom were BBB fans from the start.  But who would have thunk it?  Conko was up to something.

The Conklin logo has been painted on the equipment and trucks of Conklin Shows since the 1970’s and proudly worn on show uniforms by thousands of young men and women who worked with the company at Fairs and Exhibitions across North America and in the Caribbean.  The logo was quickly named Conko by one and all.  Commissioned by Jim Conklin , featured above,( Patty Conklin's son and Trish's Dad) and designed by foremost graphic designer Chris Yaneff, the logo is one of the most instantly recognized trademarks in North America.

The Conko tote has been tested to hold one big Westie, or 8 bottles of wine......  We have produced 60 of this limited edition as a fund raiser for the Patty Conklin Memorial Fund.  The Fund is named after Patricia’s grandfather Patty, the founder of Conklin Shows, and is a charitable organization that supports many causes, particularly those concerning the health, education and special projects of children.  Melissa Conklin Rogers, Trish's sister is President of the Fund.
Bags are available for purchase here on our BBB website for $190.   $100 from each purchase will be donated to the Patty Conklin Memorial Fund and the Fund can issue a charitable receipt for that amount for each bag.

The Patty Conklin Memorial Fund also has bags available for purchase at a price of $190. The Fund will receive all the proceeds of the sale of the bags and can issue a charitable receipt to the purchaser in the amount of $190. Please contact Melissa at the Patty Conklin Memorial Fund (

Thank you on behalf of the patty Conklin Memorial Fund  for carrying a smile and caring!

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