Clown Story 2 - Conko's designer

Emblem reduceth conceits intellectual to images sensible, which strike the memory more: so spake Francs Bacon. To be sure  conceits intellectual are not foremost in mind when looking at this clown face.  However, there is something special about the Conklin Show's mascot..... let's just say Conko has great graphic design bones!   And sure enough , the Conklin family explained that the late Chris Yaneff of the award winning Canadian graphic design team of Yaneff and Gotthans created the logo for them in the 70's.  Do you remember the Windsor Salt box    Mr.Yaneff was fond of circles and modern art.  How lucky we are for it.  So we are very proud to have Conko on our BBB in support of the Patty Conklin Foundation. 


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