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To "Toilers of the Sea" and Tillers of the Soil .... Happy Thanksgiving

The painting by Albert Pinkham Ryder is a favorite of mine, suitable for a so called "Black Friday".  However, I find the vast moonlit sea space most beautiful, and was amazed to discover its actual tiny size at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Nonetheless, we send our Thanksgiving greetings and gratitude to all 'toilers of the sea" as well as  tillers of the soil!

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Our Storm log.....

There was no lack of wind on the Great Lakes this past weekend.  And tornadoes wreaked havoc on bordering states Illinois, Michigan and Ohio.  On the CDN shores of Lake Erie, where I hail from, th...

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  I first met jewellry designer Robin MacDonald at the New York Gift Fair about 10 years ago.  She has an exotic resume of experience:  Toronto International Film Festival, furniture designer but ...

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