VE DAY to MOMS DAY. One day their will be victory over this current pernicious invader. On May 8 1945 I imagine all Mother's would've celebrated victory in Europe no matter what side and honoured their fallen. The Queen’s speech commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE day was a Covid restrained event but still inspirational. She said today’s front line workers share the same spirit of sacrifice as their VE Day forbears. My Cousin Jamie, wife Julia and daughter Kate live in London. They and neighbours honoured the day sharing small streetside presentations. On the gate outside their flat both CDN and British flags were hung and a picture showing family service in the war effort: my Mom and Dad, my Grandfather and my Great uncle who died like so many young men in WWI.
My Moms story is rather amusing. Joining my Dad oversees, their respective barracks were some distance apart. So the story goes they would rendezvous in the evening at a designated halfway point - ah a wartime tryst. My Mom would return to her barracks just in time to fall in line with the morning cooks; a quick toss her knapsack over the wall and no one was the wiser. Except on one morning her bag landed on the lap of her superior officer. My first bag story! Not too much longer after that Mom returned home to Canada and began her family of 5 kids. Here's pic of Mom on the homefront wielding a broom. There's a subsequent pic where she's chasing us and/or whomever took the photo, telling us kids to scat! A wonderful funloving Mom. Thank you to Jamie and family for sharing. Long live the Queen and victory to all Moms!@veday @momsday @ bravebrownbag Less

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