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Susan G. Scott is a Canadian-American artist living in Montreal known for her figurative paintings.  In art book La peinture au Quebec depuis les annes 1960 , Scott is described  as having an 'extraordinary capacity for reinventing herself while preserving the rigorous nature that marks her entire body of work.'  Her work can be found in many permanent collections in Canada and Europe.  And Ms. Scott carries our BBB and has so for many years.

In our BBB questionnaire we asked Susan how and when did you come upon your first BBB: 

 I was given my first BBB in 2016  from a dear friend, who has always given me the gifts I deeply treasure.

What do you most like about the form & function of your BBB Maxi:

I have but 1 size (I think it's the large one) - yes the Maxi north/south size. The best thing about it is that I can pile so much in, including large format art books to take to Concordia where I teach.  The fact that the straps are long enough to be a shoulder bag is, for my use, its biggest amenity.  Also, fits snuggly into my bicycle basket- remaining flat on the bottom, so things don’t slip around. 
Because of the proportion of the opening of the bag,, I can use it as a filing drawer, able to pull out just one item without having to empty the entire bag.



The backstory to Susan's BBB started with her requesting a day at the BBB spa for her dear old Maxi in Tabac.  Here is before restoration pic  looking a tad dog-eadog eared.

And post BBB spa looking all spiffed up and ready to go back to art book toting!  I had no idea about Susan's professional background.  I just thought it was a good 'Coronavirus' deed - the virus closedown had just started, that I would give her a complimentary BBB.  She was just thrilled to receive this surprise gesture of goodwill along with her restored BBB.

 And then look what I received in the mail!!!!  One of Susan's watercolour sketches. Speechless.  I later learned we both went to art school at about the same time ....

As you can see SCALE is everything.  The en plein air sketches that she makes, like the one she gave me, are then turned into a large scale oil painting, like the one pictured in the postcard above. 

Thank you to Susan for her elegant painterly style and waxing eloquent about our BBB. 


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