The Sea Salt Soap Voyage of Charlotte & Castel

Charlotte and Castel Sea Salt Soap:  beautifully made, beautifully packaged  and an exquisite  experience to use.  Who are Charlotte and Castel?  Well not the names of the founders, 'charlotte' refers to a delicate dessert and castel? Is that a star .. The 'voyage' of the creators behind C&C is as intriquing as their collection of organic sea inspired products. 

As happenstance would have it, about a year ago I met their friend Wayne in Toronto who works in the interior design trade and reps an Italian line of leather which was of interest for my BBB.  His story was intriquing :  originally from Capetown, South Africa he emigrated to Toronto with his wife via  Dubai having where they worked and lived for a number of years.   Somehow we got on the topic of sailing and he said I should meet his friends  Melinda and Quinton, here now in Ontario but whose background for many years was doing sailing charters aboard the world's largest catarmaran!  aboard the boat is how his friends met - Melinda  the chef and Quinton the diving instructor.  Perhaps, like my Caribbean experience of doing yacht charters and tiring of  serving yet another rum punch, they debarked the yacht and embarked on the creation of their  sea salt collection   First location was in Vancouver and then heading west to Midland,Ontario where Melinda's family are from.

Ironically, Quinton told me that turn of the century his great grandfather got on a ship heading south, docked in Capetown, got off and never returned to his homeport. Guess where?  Midland.   So they both bring a wide circle of experiences to their new business.  Quinton also has  a background in printing, packaging and graphic design;  he and his friend Wayne both attended the same technical college in Capetown as Elon Musk.  Blue Whale above is Quintons' silk screen prints


Melinda is trained as a gourmet chef with a passion for  patisserie.  Their  C&C  journal showcases many of her recipes. Ergo,the sea salt soap looks good enough to eat! They have just move into a new studio in Midland.  Hopefully this sumer I get to take the tour.    and in the meantime, if you want to enjoy a complimentary Charlotte & Castel Sea Salt Soap as a gift with purchase, visit our Shopper & Sea Salt Soap Sale.  Bon voyage!


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  • Julie says...

    What happened to these people and the sea salt soap? I miss it so much!

    On January 25, 2024

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