Deb Annis is my right hand BBB maker.  When  I moved the biz to Cambridge in 2004 Deb took charge of crafting our tote with her solid background in textile work and quality control.  I have to see the big picture -the forest for the trees and Deb has an eye for detail and patience for process.  In short a good match as my 'forest' often turns upside down and backwards.

Not unusual then that Deb spotted a BBB in need of some of textile restoration.  A couple of months ago she was visiting the Emergenncy at Grand River Hospital with a sick family member.  A wait of 6 hours  and sitting across from her was a black well used - a bit on the delapidated side  -  black BBB.   Owner not apparent.


About a month later a longtime BBB customer  Carolyn Dempsey popped into the studio with her friend Barbara Cove.  Barbara is an ER nurse at Grand River Hospital. You can put 2 and 2 together.    The BBB in the ER belonged to Barbara.  She says its a great tote for her carry the tools of her trade such as the stethscope etc when she is on high alert.  It made me think of the amazing job ER nurses and nurses in general do.  How do they stay calm and cool surrounded by our various states of our emergency?  




Barbara was very happy with the BBB spa results and it was a pleasure to  administer some much needed TLC to her BBB;  restoring her tote for more appearances in the ER but looking bit more lively!  Our good deed for Earth Day.    

If you would like to do some Spring cleaning and send your BBB to us  until May 15 all restorations are on the house!







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