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Inside the Brave Brown Bag logo


The logo for the BBB started out with a family crest that looked very much like the boar's head on the Gordon's gin label.  The family moniker in Latin  - "fortes fortuna juvat" translates  "fortune favours the brave".  It all just sort of fell into place and made perfect poetic sense to replace the boar's head with a profile of Max our black Labrador, who then departed so wings were added and voila the transformation was complete:  fortune favours the Brave Brown Bag.   Le sac de charlotte was the suggestion of a French sale rep who said it was a stylish play on le sac de papier and furthermore a brave brown bag would never translate well en francais.  Mais oui.  As  poet Coleridge once said:  "Emblem reduceth conceits intellectual to images sensible, which strike the memory more" I hope so.  Or just say BBB


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For laundry, toys, teddy bears and ....... sometimes Mrs. Littles too

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