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Fennel and dash of Dijon BBB

I actually thought this was Mustardseed but the seasoned gardening eye (in this case my sister Bonny's in whose garden bag was plunked) will know it's Fennel.  Nonetheless the fennel flower yellow (easier written than said) is a lovely accent for our Classic Wax Dijon BBB.  Available soon on our website. In the meantime, if you would like to see sister Bonny's modest-sized potager (herbs only! allowed garden) aka 'Q Garden', one can get the overview on Richter's Facebook,  the ultimate herb retailer from whence the fennel plant came - see Sept 9th entry. . or    As you can tell, I 'grow' bags and leave the 'potagering' to Bonny.   Mustardseed plant to follow avec Dijon Brave Brown Bag ...



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