Memorial Day Paw Paw tree blooms

Way Down Yonder in the Paw Paw Patch, as the Appalachian folk tune goes, except this Paw Paw tree is where I am in Canada.  As a Canadian southern belle, so to speak, the Paw Paw tree is a perfect tree to honour our southern neighbour's Memorial Day weekend.  Common to both Southern Ontario and neighbouring Michigan and Ohio, the gorgeous pale green fruit  (not out until early Fall) has a common pioneer history, even fed the Lewis and Clark expedition; and today has acquired a kind of truffle-like following for the adventuresome of palette.  But first the flower which somehow can easily go unnoticed.... sort of like the understated quality of the Brave Brown Bag?



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  • LAG says...

    Garden and Gun, eat it up!!

    On June 01, 2013

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