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New Year Iterations

New Year resolutions are always a challenge.  Collectively we have made 2015 of them since our Roman-Judeo-Christian calendar began and before that I am sure one can obtain a PHD in traditions of ancient annual resolutions.  So I say good luck to all who try.

Easier to think about a New Year iteration: the act of repeating a process.    So instead of saying "Happy New Year",  one can say with great gusto "Happy Here We Go Again"!  No aspiration of improvement,  just gratitude for the same old.  Thankful that Homer's rosy fingered Dawn keeps showing up for work every morning with that lucky old Sun in spite of our global issues.

However, recently a friend sent me an email about an iterative invention, if you will:  the first paper bag making machine designed by inventor Margaret  Knight in 1871.   I remember being in a paper bag factory and seeing this rather ugly machine with many steel arms and rubber belts.   It never occurred to me that someone initially designed the machine or that paper bags were made in any another way.  Funny how the tide of automation/mechanization ebbs and flows like a tide.  Artisinal in the 19th century was by necessity; today it seems by hand is a desirable choice and perhaps a delusionary one.  Knight's brass and wood machine is quite beautiful looking.  Just think of her resolution to create this machine back then and fast forward to 3d printing!  Alas we still make our BBB by hand.  Happy New Year Iterations!



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