Boxing Day Gusto by Alanna Cavanagh

I still like to read the paper newspaper, usually the weekend edition of the Globe & Mail.  Pass off the Business section, which I should read,  to my Dad and gravitate to the Style section for the really substantial stuff.  Often nothing really stands out.  It's a ho-hum nod and onto the next, but the weekend edition before Christmas/Boxing Day was a KNOCKOUT!  Illustrator Alanna Cavanagh hit the holiday hammer on the head with her above illustration.  The humorous perspective from above, the concentration of line and colour - did she scan that plaid? - and the overall oomph and effortlessness - must have been that wine.  I was visually smitten.  And below is the column by writer Nathalie Atkinson called The Substance of Style about the rise and fall of  flat shoes.    Counterpoint to holiday high heels of Alanna's lady.  

In 2010  I had the honour of being included in the Moleskine/ FAI book called The Hand of the Designer.  My drawing was nothing to write home about, but many of the other designers were awe inspiring beautiful and often very simple in their execution.  The magic and other worldliness that is created by our imagination and a simple line on paper never ceases to astound me.  Let there be drawing!

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