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In support of a balance beautiful ...

At this very moment Katherine Uchida may be mid-air spinning with that pink ball and then somehow it sits balanced on the delicate crook of her arm.   We are spellbound by her artistry.  The photo of suspended action in her rhythmic gymnastic dance is a moment of suspended disbelief for those watching her perform this weekend in Victoria, BC.

Katherine is the 14 year old daughter of dear friends.  Perhaps it was the circus camp she attended as a child that inspired her to become the competitive rhythmic gymnast she now is.  She has been selected to go to the 2014 Junior Pan American Championships and Stars and Stripes Cup this May in Daytona Florida.  This is the qualifying event for North, Central and South America in rhythmic gymnastics for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China.   That is quite a bit of globe trotting whilst focusing on balancing that pink ball and travel is expensive.  The Brave Brown Bag wants to help!

So on this coming Sunday, April 20th, on our website, we will unveil a special Brave Brown Bag collaboration with a very special CLOWN logo.  This will be a limited edition.  Through the sale of our BBB clown bag, we will make a donation to the clown's charitable foundation which will in turn support Katherine's Olympic endeavour.  A tax receipt will be available for your  purchase/donation.

Wait till you see our clown bag ...and stay tuned for our blog on the clown story and how our special bag collaboration came to be .  We are so excited to be contributing to Katherine's goal and know our BBB will look beautifully balanced on your arm in support of her beautiful balance!


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