My IT basket a la Easter

Weaving a Nantucket basket is a masterful exercise in artisnal TLC.  Greatly admired by myself and many but not a tool in my skill set.  The masters must have an eye for nuance of weaving tension demanding a focus that leads to a flow and visa versa... much like knitting I think.  These baskets are the handwork of my sister, Lee Ann Gladding of Sarasota Florida. 
BBB customer,Maureen Anstey even exhibits her work.  A shop in Boston, Gray Mist Studios has carried the BBB as a design that complements the basket aesthetiic.
However, the shop that really was such a delight to work with was WEEDS on Nantucket Island itself.
George Davis, the owner (sadly they closed a couple of years ago) sold a boatload of Brave Brown Bags, as well as, so I learned, a version of the Nantucket basket cast in white china that he himself created!!  Voila a most elegant planter with the texture of the iconic basket.  You might say he did for the Nantucket basket what I did for the brown paper bag.  A happy transformation.   Gratefully, I know where my 'IT'  basket came from and applaud the artistry of all Nantucket basket makers.

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