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Middlemarch in the middle of March....

well almost.... George Eliot's tome is a bit lengthy.  I found the book at our library, hard cover edition, not dog-eared at all, not signed out since 2009 and on a 2 week loan ,which I assumed could easily be renewed as I am a plodder as a reader.  So I got hooked then couldn't renew because My Life in Middlemarch by New York Times writer Rebecca Mead, about, well naturally reading Middlemarch had just come out and someone else had the 'audacity' of putting a hold on it. .  I did read and thoroughly enjoyed Eliot's shorter novel Silas Marner.  So highly recommend trotting off to the library or booksellar with your BBB full of books.  It has been known to lug a few classics and bestsellers with great ease and elegance,  no problemo ... and the librarian always get a kick out 'that amazing paper bag".  Yes indeed.  And thanks to Wendy at Mill Pond Books, our local bookdealer for parting with and loaning me her very own copy .





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