a bag of many colours

My mother aka Dot could knit with her eyes closed...   that would speak to the mechanics of knitting, but her sense of colour, of course, I am biased, was truly remarkable.  She followed her own pattern, knitted to her own tune, if you will (usually Frank Sinatra) and even managed to enjoy  a few cocktails inbetween a purl1/ knit2.  And  those complicated Aran stitches just flew off those needles.  Memories are many of her sitting inside/outside on the bank, balls of wool  all over in the grass or on the boat, mindless of the waves and wind. This sweater is from the ends of rolls ... waste not want not .... she invented it .....  she really could have used my Brave Brown Bag!  So this is my own small creative way of saying thank you to Mom Dot.  At 92 she has retired from knitting but still does her best to do things her way.  In any event the BBB is wonderful tote for all wooly oriented endeavors.





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