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Why the Wax Munari?

In 1998, I had the pleasure of visiting for the first time our Milan dealer called Dovetusai then and now Pianoprimo  In their showroom, I  saw this collage/ print and it was love a first sight.  Fabio told me it was a Munari. Bruno Munari. Who was he?  No name dropping significance for my provincially sheltered art ears.... I hail from rural southern Ontario.   They spoke about him as a national treasure.  And as for the touch of pink in the print, Munari, Fabio said,  always added this in honour of his wife.  Such a lovely story.  Later, visiting the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum shop I found books by Munari the art educator.  And the rest is 'Wax Munari' history!   In honour of his collage, I designed the colour blocked BBB Wax Munari collectiion, with sides, base and handles all a different colour and always a touch of pink somewhere.  Sometimes, how one discovers or is introduced to something is what makes it aesthetically special.  Voila, the book finds you,so to speak.  I have a humorous tale to the contrary about 2 one of a kind goats sculpted from marble but will leave it at this touch of pink story.....

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