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BBB Story Contest

Your BBB Story

Appearances are wonderful.... how did you meet your first BBB?  If at a loss, let your imagination embellish it a bit.  You are in good company, Shakespeare did it.

And the couple (left) sitting in front of Shakespeare & Company bookshop in Paris look like old buddies but indeed their introduction was only via the Brave Brown Bag photo-op.  Ah pink is so romantic! 

Over the years we have heard many BBB stories: from the husband who gave the bag away thinking it was paper, to the thief who ignored it, thinking it was. If you have a favorite story of how you discovered yours, we would love to hear it. 

Please email your story and include any photos to info@bravebrownbag by end of this month January 31/2014. 

Stories will be published on our BBBlog and Facebook the following week on February 7/2014.


The Winner

The winner of the best story will receive our Basic Tote in Maxi or Marche size in your choice of colour or a $165 Gift Certificate.  All stories will receive a $15 Shipping Credit.

                                                                                        BONNE CHANCE!