Women of Excellence - the Maycourt Ladies

The May Court Club of Chatham (I'm a 'out of town' member continuing the long tradition of my Mother and my Grandmother) recently held their annual awards dinner for the winners of the Women of Excellence event. 

The photo above is the May Court of Chatham ladies talent show; this was my Mothers generation circa 1960.  I knew almost every one of these wonderful mothers.  Starting at the top left :Mary Bradley, ?, ?, Fran Obrien, June Easton, ?, my aunt Ruth Lapp, Helen Ough, Francis Higginbotham, Hester Brisco, Ann Watson, Betty Tatton, ?, Shirley Furlong and finally my Mother, Dorothy McKeough.  Funny, June Easton we called Aunt, although not related and when we misbehaved, 'Typhoon June';  Helen Ough aka Mad Maudy and my Mom  Hurricane Dot.  This talent show was performed  for the annual dinner dance held around the holiday.  Ann Watson front centre was the queen of choreagraphy - Madonna watch out!  As kids we got to watch all the hullabalo, really a big to do, an occasion to dress up, drink and dance and dance and drink!  I lost track when they stopped the dinner dance & talent show. 



Wow, have we evolved.  Today the charitably correct form to celebrate and showcase our womens acheivments and talent is a somewhat more reserved Awards of Excellence event.  So the May Court ladies recently had their sold out dinner this May.  BBB donated a bag in a our Green Jardin.  I thought this was fitting as the very first May Court event held by its founder Lady Isabel Aberdeen, the wife of Canada’s then Governor General was a garden party.  Maybe next year, wouldnt it be funny if they asked the men to put on a talent show.  They could walk the runway in their speedos.... something to replace the nixxed  Bikini segment in the Miss America contest.  Ho Ho.  I'm sure it would be a sold out event.

I salute the ladies of the May Court Club of Chatham then and now for all their charitable work and talent. 


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