What is Vintage Wax?

All these different wax finishes on our wax cotton can be confusing.  We are working on our  BBB textile story and how we developed our various wax treatments.  Often, as is usually the case, I will be confronted with a textile deadend as it were.... and then stumble upon an interesting effect by accident.

Our Vintage Wax shown above is such an example first developed in 2008.  If you purchased a Vintage Wax then, it will have this date stamp on the inside base in silver.  The waxing process is more akin to a bakery process.  The cotton goes into a press with a coating of wax. Vintage wax has two coatings plus a layer of crushed paper that transfers the crackles and creases  onto the wax cotton.  The effect is a slightly heavier hand and an overall weathered look.   I try to name the colours after trees/wood and nuts ( a tad nutty like me)  and of course paper comes from trees.  Ergo Vintage Wax Pecan above.

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