A windy apple


The answer may very well be blowing in the wind. However, in the above photo ,it's an apple entitled 'Big Michigan' by family friend and sculptress Pixie Shaw, effortlessly pivoting in the breeze at the Grand Rapid's 6th annual ARTPRIZE event last week.  Over 1500 artists showcased their work all over the city for 19 days. Pretty spectacular and caveat emptor, all art is for sale.   Uniting prize money with charitable community based causes makes Artprize a dynamic event.

In my previous blog , a small chime about half the size of a real apple chimed to wind.   In Pixie's sculpture the leaf acts as a silver sail.  Funny, I had a dream that turned into a nightmare where I found myself in a rural  landscape with hundreds of giant  metal  wind chimes  and humongous apples  all spinning and chiming atop huge 500 poles.    Going 24 /7 or ominously inert when the wind stopped....... I woke up feeling seasick wondering where I was. Hmmmm....

Moral of the nightmare:  one apple-sized wind chime hanging from a tulip tree near  a sculpture of a perfectly balanced apple with a sail like leaf is an environmentally friendly habitat, would you not agree?   Funny how size and quantity affect our notions of balance and beauty that go way beyond the eye of the beholder. 

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