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Thank you Conko!

We would also like to thank the Conklin Foundation for this wonderful opportunity.  We are so happy that the sale of  our clown tote helped support the talented junior rhythmic gymnast Ms. Katherine Uchida.    Love the photo she sent of  herself and tote in repose ( otherwise flipping and twirling through mid air).

We have just a few bags left for if and when a clown attack occurs.  And the Conko Foundation has sold out.   No doubt when the CNE opens this Sept. in Toronto, the Conko logo will abound.  But there were sightings of our tote at the Mooseburger Clown Education camp last week in Minnesota.  And  Flower Pot Dee Clown who was given a Conko tote as gift, said there were a lot of jealous clowns.


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