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A winter Catchall....

I wish I could say this grand Catchall was full of tennisballs instead of snow and that Eugenie Bouchard had won the Australian Open.  Nonetheless we are so proud of her performance and professionalism.  And all of 19 years old.  Actually the Catchall would be perfect to tote all those cute stuffed animals she received from her Australian fan club sans the snowflakes.  In any event, I now know what wombat is. 

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What's your BBB story?

How fitting I received a call this past week from a 20 year old customer - or rather, her BBB she is quite sure is over 20 years old - well almost.  The corners are wearing a bit thin, she says.  ...

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And the BBB story winner is...

Thank you for sending your BBB stories, anecdotes and even a poem or two.  Mr. Trevor Kensey, our favourite male customer ever wrote the most cinematic bi-coastal tale. I know there is a movie out...

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