Caring for your BBB

Our Waxed Cotton

Your Brave Brown Bag has character! Creases and crinkles are natural to BBB waxed cotton. With use, each carryall will develop its own personality!

For normal care, simply wipe with a damp cloth. For a thorough cleaning, remove inside base, hand wash in warm water and hangto dry. Restore the wax finish with our favourite waxed cotton cleaner, Montana Pitch Blend (available at most shoe repair stores).

Bragwax Kit


You can also use our BragWax Kit which includes a two-ounce tin of Montana Pitch Blend and a silicone sponge in a tidy waxed cotton storage bag. Purchase a BragWax kit.



We have found that customers become attached to their BBB's Upon buying a new one, they would also like to have their old favourite rejuvenated. A day at the BBB spa! For a BBB wash and wax treatment, call 519-220-0451 or email  for instructions. Approximately $15 -$35 plus return shipping. 



With purchase of a new Brave Brown Bag, restoring your pre-loved tote is complimentary!  Please email us for RETURN # and fill out our BBB SPA FORM.  You may want to send us a pic beforehand to assess the care needed.  And please very important to follow SPA FORM Instructions.

Your Catchall has a very affable personality! Creasing and crackles are natural to the sailcloth . Like the Brave Brown Bag, with use, each carryall will develop its own personality!


Our Upcycled Sailcloth

Grande Catchall is made from waterproof modern day sailcloth:  lightweight but sturdy; water and stain resistant.


Hand wash:

For normal care, simply wipe with a damp cloth. For a thorough cleaning,  hand wash in warm soapy water, rinse  and hang to dry, or indeed give it a shower!


Machine wash:

You can put your Catchall in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.  Tie handles together so they do no get knotted.

Use a regular laundry detergent.  Do not bleach.  Hang to dry


Our Guaranty

With our 15 years plus tradition of designing and hand crafting The Brave Brown Bag Collection,  your satisfaction is what counts. With normal use and proper care, your bag will last a very long time. If there is a problem in craftsmanship, we will repair, replace or give a full refund. Please refer to our Terms of Service page for return authorization instructions.